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Structural optimization has matured from a narrow academic discipline, where researchers focused on optimum designing small idealized structural components and systems, to become the basis in modern design of complex structural systems. Design optimization refers to the process of generating improved designs in terms of cost, manufacturability or performance. OPTIMUS is a generic real-world optimum design computing platform for civil structural systems. In order to be applicable in the everyday practice OPTIMUS is implemented within an innovative computing framework, founded on the current state of the art in the topics of optimization algorithms, numerical modeling and parallel processing.

OPTIMUS computing platform as a service (OPaaS) is a new cloud computing service that provides a computing platform and a solution stack as a service. In this model there are two options: (i) the customer creates the structural model (SAP2000 sdb model) and sends it to the service provider (CSi Engineering - OPTIMUS Intelligence) or (ii) the customer creates the architectural drawings and sends them to the service provider.

The consumer controls the design requirements with the configuration settings. The service provider provides the computing services along with the servers and the storage. OPTIMUS computing platform implements highly efficient algorithms in order to achieve the best design with reference to the cost, manufacturability or performance.

Pricing policy: No charge if the resulted solution is not accepted. If it is accepted the charge of the service is percentage of the reduction of the construction cost. Upon submission of the request to use OPaaS an estimation of the cost will be sent by the service provider.

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